Building Information Modeling indicates the digital information system of the building made up of the 3D model integrated with the physical, performance and functional data of the building. Through BIM, all the relevant data of a construction can be collected, combined, and digitally connected, gene

The term rendering or photorealistic rendering, defines the process that enables the realization of a very realistic artificial image of the final result of a project, starting from a three-dimensional computer model. Thanks to interior design or outdoor design rendering images of a building, commun

Energy certifications are certificates that provide all the information on the construction of a building from the point of view of thermal insulation, energy consumption and efficiency. In particular, G.B. & Partners S.r.l. deals with: Technical Report Regulation 10 or Energy Report Simulation

Topography deals with the graphic and numerical description of all the characteristics of the terrain and their representation in maps with precise geometric content that allows their measurement. In particular, G.B. & Partners S.r.l. deals with: Plano-altimetric trackings (by means of total sta

The Land Register is a detailed archive of all the public and private real estate properties located in a specific municipality. In particular, G.B. & Partners S.r.l. deals with: Complete Land Registry inspections (surveys, maps and files) Land Registry Practices (Map Types and Subdivisions) Bui

Notarial assistance includes support activities for the Client’s lawyers, aimed at providing the technical contribution to integrate with the legal documents, always key for the evaluation of real estate investments. In particular, G.B. & Partners S.r.l. deals with: Notarial technical repo

Appraisals and estimates consist of a document drawn up to represent a complete and exhaustive description of the appraised asset with the aim of defining its economic and commercial nature. In particular, G.B. & Partners S.r.l. deals with: General real estate valuations (appraisal judgments) An

Energy requalification consists of all those interventions aimed at increasing the level of energy efficiency of existing buildings. In particular, G.B. & Partners S.r.l. deals with: Projects for the recovery of energy-saving buildings and the consequent reduction of pollutant emissions Urban re

Real estate services are a tool for managing real estate assets or a single unit. Each building is subject over time to maintenance, regulatory compliance, redevelopment, sale or lease. In particular, G.B. & Partners S.r.l. deals with: Analysis and evaluation of existing properties Search for &#

Safety on site consists of protecting active personnel in the construction world, taking care of protecting site workers from the dangers of the trade. In particular, G.B. & Partners S.r.l. deals with: Coordination activities in the planning phase of the work Coordination activities during the e

  Construction supervision covers the management, assistance and supervision of work carried out by a specific professional figure, who guarantees the correct and timely execution of the project and the standards. In particular, G.B. & Partners S.r.l. deals with: Management of the implementatio

Building renovation refers to all interventions aimed at totally or partially transforming building using a systematic set of work practices. In particular, G.B. & Partners S.r.l. deals with: Detailed executive building design and analysis of the need for redevelopment of the buildings Building

The executive project represents one of the design phases in the field of architecture and civil engineering. It covers the engineering of all the interventions envisaged in the previous design phases in every detail, thus representing the most technically defined phase of the entire design. In part

  Architectural and urban design is a planning and design process that aims to create functional, aesthetically pleasing and environmentally sustainable urban spaces. In particular, G.B. & Partners S.r.l. deals with: Town planning projects (Lotting Plans, Recovery Plans, Integrated Intervention