Construction supervision


Construction supervision covers the management, assistance and supervision of work carried out by a specific professional figure, who guarantees the correct and timely execution of the project and the standards. In particular, G.B. & Partners S.r.l. deals with:

  • Management of the implementation process and coordination of the Companies, in compliance with the guidelines indicated by the Client
  • Management and topline supervision of work carried out with scheduled periodic visits
  • Operations to verify work is progressing as agreed
  • Assistance in testing work carried out at various stages of progress up to the final delivery

Construction supervision also includes the payment with verification of the quantities and measures of the supplies, which consists of:

  • Control and verification of work carried out and settlement of the partial and final accounts
  • Checks and interventions aimed at carrying out the work in a proper manner and in compliance with the project and the contract
  • Relations with the contractor regarding the technical and economic aspects of the contract